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Army American Football was founded in 2019 and recognised in 2021. The Army American Football ‘Jackals’ have members who represent international completion, European Semi-professional leagues and local British American Football clubs. Army American Football intends to establish itself as a top tier British American Football Association (BAFA) program. With American Football being one of the fastest growing sports in the UK currently we foresee increased participation from both grass roots and experienced players and coaching staff.

American Football is the ultimate team sport, where an inch can be the difference between all and nothing, offering situations that are unlike any other sport. The sport resembles a game of chess played with human pieces in a full contact display of controlled aggression and athleticism. We have a robust selection process for any potential players, creating an equal opportunity for both those who have played and those who have never even watched the sport previously.

We encourage anyone interested to get in contact with us and attend one of our player trials. We accept any level of height, weight and strength, there is a position for any shape and size. The sport is also mixed gender, meaning we are completely inclusive for both regular and reserve soldiers. Our future plans include combined services championships, international competition and local club level exhibition.


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